How to build traffic through authority and avoid site penalty

The search spiders go by the law books. Make sure your site confirms with the local laws to prevent getting penalized. Hosting pornographic sites is considered illegal in Germany and there have been instances of big porno sites getting pulled down by Google when the servers were traced back to Germany. This phenomenon gives out another useful information. Server location is also considered by the engines while displaying search results. You wouldn’t have much of luck if your site caters to US visitors and your server is located in Italy.
Domain name and its expiry period also count a lot. A dot info domain is bound to come under Google scanner as compared to other extension names. The bots want to make sure you’re not up to something “spammy” using cheap domain name extensions. If the domain name is registered for just a year, you would want to extend it to another couple of years. The search engines would feel you’re here to stay for some time and serious about your business.

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