Internet is a place, not a media

But as Doc Searls (blogger, journalist specializing in free software, ndt) taught me, is not an Internet media. Take it as such leads to all sorts of dangerous on the a priori control, ownership and regulation. No, Doc said, the Internet is a place. This is a park or street corner where people go and meet, talk and argue, they are right or wrong, where they connect with each other and to information, and where they work. This is a public place.

Now take it another way: if you see someone dropping an expletive in the streets of New York, do you promise not to set foot there again? Not me (especially since I’m probably the one you crossed).

All this does not mean that I accept, or that we should accept the level of discourse on the Internet as it is. No, I have come to believe that the comments are a lower form of conversation for the reasons I have outlined. In contrast, we see developing higher forms, such as Twitter.

Twitter, Facebook, is built primarily on real identities and control relationships. I decide who I am and you decide if you follow me. It is a meritocracy in which individual each of us defines merit.

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